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Hellerwork Structural Integration & Zen Swimming Teacher


Are You Sitting Comfortably?

  • Discover Why You are Probably Sitting Incorrectly Right Now
  • Why Sitting Is One of the Biggest Problems in Modern Human Health
  • How to Sit down and Stand up correctly, Forever!

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Roger (Doctor Posture) has an elegant way of teaching such a complex activity. His manner and information makes it easy to learn and remember! I recommend subscribing to his website for all of the important information he teaches- in order to have a more pleasurable life.
Dan Bienenfeld – Author of Align for Life- Journey to Structural Integration, and The Body Mastery Series- Hellerwork Trainer and Practitioner- Ergonomic consultant to Industry.

Hellerwork Practitioner

Hellerwork Structural Integration is a systematic deep tissue bodywork programme of manipulation of the muscles & surrounding realigning and rebalancing the body.

Zen Swimming Master

The Zen Swimming principles integrate the whole person in their swimming, bringing a rare harmony and a meditative quality to the experience of being in the water.