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Other Recommended Reading

Other Recommended Reading



by Joseph Heller, William A. Henkin

“Enlightenment is not something that only happens when you meditate, chant your mantra or listen to your favourite piece of music: It is something that happens every day, in the way you move, relate to others, work, cook supper, brush your teeth. The challenge or purpose of life is to experience it as fully as possible at every moment. Your body is both vehicle &amp a metaphor for your process: When the hologram is integrated with the being, the result is enlightenment.” [The authors use the hologram, in an abstract sense, to represent the exact physical expression of a person’s mind & spirit; in a concrete sense, any part of the body may be seen to reflect & containing everything there is to know about the whole body, just like a hologram.]” Heller & Henkin


 Master The Art of Swimming

  by Steven Shaw

“The core of Shaw’s method lies in the chapters on each stroke which include historical origins and well defined sections on key features, benefits and common errors. Each stroke is analyzed so the reader can practice body orientation, leg action, arm action and breathing actions separately, before integrating them into a complete stroke cycle. Many of the informative photos are taken underwater”. £12 plus post

The Power of Now

by Eckhart Tolle

Recommended Reading

Eckhart Tolle speaks of a profound transformation of human consciousness, available not in some distant future, but right here and now. We are shown how to free ourselves from enslavement to the mind, and enter into this enlightened state, which is characterised by a profound inner peace and intense conscious presence. Even more importantly, Tolle gives us the most eloquent and practical guidelines on how to sustain this new state of consciousness in everyday life. The teachings given in this book have been spreading round the world like wildfire and, when you read it, you will see why!

note from Roger – If you ever read only one book this century  then this has to be a major contender. I have re-sold over 250 of these books to clients with a money back guarantee. I say to them, if this book doesn’t make a large positive impact on your life I will refund your money. £8 plus post


Anatomy of Movement

by Blandine Calais-Germain




 Anatomy of Movement Exercises

 by Blandine Calais-Germain




Muscles: Testing and Function

by Florence Peterson Kendall, Elizabeth Kendall McCreary, Patricia Geise Provance




Personality and Personal Growth

by Robert Frager, James Fadiman




Body-centered Psychotherapy: The Hakomi Method

by Ron Kurtz




The Endless Web: Fascial Anatomy and Physical Reality

by R.Louis Schultz, Rosemary Feitis




by Ida P. Rolf




Method Putkisto: Redesign Your Body Through Deep Stretching

 by Marja Putkisto