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The Essentials of Hellerwork

The Essentials of Hellerwork
By Roger Golten

HELLERWORK is a synthesis of classic Structural Integration and personal growth work which together can transform your relationship with your body and your experience of being alive. Any problems you are experiencing begin to clear up just in the process of life itself.

Life’s stresses are unavoidable, and they take their toll on body, mind, and spirit, resulting in tightness, distortion and fatigue. One might blame it all on modern living and give up hope of ever attaining energy, flexibility and good posture. Hellerwork can help to restore ease, balance and integrity.

With state of the art deep tissue bodywork, coaching in movement, and a conversation to relate mind, body and spirit, Hellerwork aims to make a more or less permanent improvement to posture by improving the underlying organisation and health of the body’s structure. The degree of this change is visible; photographs can be taken before and after treatment.

Hellerwork does this by treating the fascias, that part of the connective tissues which literally wrap up everything in the body, and which until quite recently were unknown or ignored, even by doctors and surgeons. Poor habits in breathing, sitting, standing and walking; accidents, surgery, tensions or trauma all conspire to age these fascias and cause them to dry out and become sticky, tight and distorted, and to lose their adaptability. Hellerwork reverses this tendency, and through the educational content of the programme, gives you the tools to maintain and expand the results gained.

In a systematic, coherent and intelligently organised series of 11 sessions, Hellerwork takes the chronic tension out of all the body’s fascial structures to improve total energetic economy. As a holistic, integrated approach, each session includes three major aspects:

*Bodywork – stress and tension reduction through alignment of physical tissues
*Emotional – managing stress by discovering the impact of emotions on the body
*Movement – empowerment of the client by education in correct function of the body

Major results reported by clients include fuller and easier breathing, a reduction in back, neck and shoulder pain, and postural improvement leading to easier sitting, standing, movement and walking. Most of all the dramatic improvement in body awareness, flexibility and posture leads to a greater ability for self-care. The simple arts of movement:; better sitting, standing and walking, can then be improved naturally, to maintain and improve these results over time.

Roger Golten is a bodywork therapist of many years standing, having first trained in California with Joseph Heller in 1983. His book The Owners Guide to the Body was published in 1999 by Thorsons Harper Collins.

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