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Hellerwork Structural Integration & Zen Swimming Teacher


Are You Sitting Comfortably?

  • Discover Why You are Probably Sitting Incorrectly Right Now
  • Why Sitting Is One of the Biggest Problems in Modern Human Health
  • How to Sit down and Stand up correctly, Forever!

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Roger (Doctor Posture) has an elegant way of teaching such a complex activity. His manner and information makes it easy to learn and remember! I recommend subscribing to his website for all of the important information he teaches- in order to have a more pleasurable life.
Dan Bienenfeld – Author of Align for Life- Journey to Structural Integration, and The Body Mastery Series- Hellerwork Trainer and Practitioner- Ergonomic consultant to Industry.

Hellerwork Practitioner

Hellerwork Structural Integration is a systematic deep tissue bodywork programme of manipulation of the muscles & surrounding realigning and rebalancing the body.

Zen Swimming Master

The Zen Swimming principles integrate the whole person in their swimming, bringing a rare harmony and a meditative quality to the experience of being in the water.

More than a massage therapist in London

Hellerwork Structural Integration, Zen Swimming Teacher & Massage Therapist in London

Celebrating 30 years of continuous full time practice in 2013, Roger Golten is much more than a massage therapist in London. After his original 1250 hours of training in California he has now completed more than 28,000 practice hours and has unmatched experience with over 2,500 clients, including luminaries from the world of Sport, Business and the Arts.

Lord Coe, George Soros, Roger Daltrey, Kevin Spacey, Julie Christie, Mandy Rice-Davies, Stefanie Powers and many other lesser known but equally eminent people have passed through Roger's hands during his career. Parliamentarians, Lords of the Realm, Scions of Industry, Olympians and Oscar winners as well as Taxi drivers, housewives and students, lawyers, bankers and traders have all improved their performance at work and at play, reducing chronic tensions and learning something valuable about self care and stress management in the process.

Hellerwork Posture massage is a systematic approach to reducing the chronic tension that builds up in our bodies over time, especially living as we do in a big city like London. In addition to the massage there is a strong educational element which teaches and empowers clients to continue the work for themselves going forwards. Educating the driver as well as servicing the vehicle! There is no point in straightening out the wheels if you keep driving into the kerb.

Author of The Owners Guide to the Body, Roger sits at the top of his profession and is a outstanding choice if you are looking for London massage therapy today. If you are looking for a massage therapist in London look no further, because you will not regret a hour with Roger Golten. Photos can be taken before and after your session to document the changes that routinely occur even in the first session, and then you will be in a good position to decide if you want to continue with the program which makes a more or less permanent improvement to your posture, wellbeing and vitality.

Practicing his Hellerwork in London's prestigious Lister House, 11 Wimpole St, and in Herts and Surrey, Roger can also do domiciliary visits 24/7. Check the website for details & prices.

Roger's Zen Swimming is a more recent & exciting addition to his practice, taking the principles of Hellerwork and the renowned Alexander Technique into the water. Not only can you learn or re-learn all the strokes in an adult-friendly & easier, more effortless way, but also to support, enhance & take into action the results achieved with Hellerwork. Zen Swimming is also available as a effective stand alone programme for nervous beginners, improvers and even triathletes looking to optimise their technique for maximum energy conservation.

Swimming lessons are available at The London Marriott Park Lane at Marble Arch, St. Margaret's in Bushey, Herts and at the swimming pool or ocean of your choice (you pay expenses)!

Roger also teaches members and guests at Champneys Tring and The Third Space in Marylebone