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Shaw Swimming with Doctor Posture: Zen Swimming

I came across Steven Shaw through his book “The Art of Swimming” when doing research for my own book "The Owners Guide to the Body", which was published in 1999.  Later, Steve and I had a mutual client and we got to know each and traded sessions.  My own swimming improved so much after lessons with him that I decided to take my interest further & studied for The Shaw Method Diploma and the ASA Levels I & II certificates in 2006.

I love to help people to find 'excellence with ease' in the water. I feel that the water is an ideal environment to put the Hellerwork & Alexander principles into action. It is also a great way to develop core stability, range of movement (flexibility), and endurance as well as mindfulness, coordination, balance & relaxation. This is Zen Swimming.

I saw some school age children swimming at a local pool. Their teacher was sitting on a chair at one end with a clipboard; she had no interaction with her charges. They were going up and down in a lane, about 6 of them, doing different strokes. They were not particularly accomplished, neither were they race training, they were just doing the best they could. It struck me then that all they were doing was getting better at swimming badly - and the more you do swim poorly, the better you get - at doing it wrong!

That's why I say "perfect practice makes practice perfect" It's better to do it well once than badly 100 times! Concentrate on the quality and the quantity will come later!!

Learn to swim using the principled Zen swimming approach and you will be able to start a lifelong journey of improvement in fitness; perfect timing and technique and even the butterfly will not be beyond your reach! You don't have to be "fit" - you will get fitter as you relax and are able to swim further distances naturally!

Come and have a swimming lesson at The Marriott Hotel 140 Park Lane*, an ideal environment for learning; the water is warm, not too deep and never crowded. I will supply you with a comfortable pair of goggles with excellent visibility and the hotel supplies all the towels, and even a robe, slippers & a bowl of fruit!

More importantly, you will have my complete attention and commitment to supporting you in establishing firm foundations for your swimming success. Each lesson will be tailored to exactly to where you are on the continuum from nervous novice to confident expert! Learn a stroke you don't know, improve one that you do, or learn to swim from scratch! The only requirement is wanting to do it!  I will guide you through every stage and support your learning process.

The approach to teaching is tailored to your learning style. Some people need to hear an explanation, some respond better to a demonstration, some like to copy and some respond to being shown and guided. As an adult one wants to be able to understand the reasons behind the practices and the principles involved. These are swimming lessons, but not as we know them from far-off days. I am in the water, not standing on the side gesticulating and shouting incomprehensibly.

Top tip. If you are not using goggles, get some! Even better get an Aquasphere Seal swim mask from me (you can buy them off this website or via Amazon) and get used to them. It won't take long. Just having a swim mask will improve your swimming, because you won't have to shorten your neck to see where you are going, and as a result you wil be able to maintain a more streamlined head, neck & back relationship - the key to effortless swimming.

*Lessons are also available at St. Margaret's School, Bushey but there you will have to bring your own towel (& fruit)!

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More About Roger

Roger Golten trained first with Joseph Heller (Body of Knowledge Inc.) in 1983 and Steven Shaw (Art of Swimming Ltd) in 1996. Now he is known as Doctor Posture, Hellerwork Practitioner, Zen Swimming Master, and author of The Owners Guide to the Body.

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