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The LimbIC Chair

The game changer chair

The common wisdom is that there is a “perfect” posture that we can somehow achieve and stay in all day. This is not the case. Life is movement for human beings, and movement is life. We do not have roots, we have legs.

Doctor Posture is the UK distributor of the LimbIC Chair. Call to arrange to view & try out this most significant leap forward in seating technology in London. Each LimbIC chair is made to order according to the dimensions (height, weight, leg length/diameter etc.) & the personality of the purchaser. Prices on application, or 07956 514 522.

Doctor Posture, author of “The Owners Guide to the Body” says we human beings were not designed to sit! The chair was originally an emblem of authority, like a throne. Committees, boards of directors, and academic departments all have a ‘chairman’. Endowed professorships are referred to as chairs. It was not, in fact, until the 16th century that sitting became commonplace. In Europe, it was owing in great measure to the Renaissance that the chair ceased to be a privilege of state, and became the customary companion of whoever could afford one.

The whole idea that you must “park” your body in order to apply your mind in study, work and any kind of creativity is severely flawed & the problem with the standard kind of chair is that it is an immobile device which promotes inactivity. Recent research is backing Doctor Posture’s 30 years of experience, showing that not only is sitting “not good” for human beings, but that in fact it is positively bad news, and not just on a physical level with muscle atrophy, elevated blood sugar, blood pressure etc., but also psychologically.

Sitting (on the LimbIC Chair) is not only healthier, it can, in fact, make you happier, more creative, focussed and lively because it stimulates the emotions (via the limbic system) to connect energy and thought. It’s the only chair to combine the latest research in neuroscience and ergonomics, so rather than treating the body as a separate and rather inconvenient (Cartesian) appendage, it is acknowledged & integrated as an vital extension of the nervous system and the brain.

Dr. Kunzler’s LimbIC chair is the only chair that not only permits but facilitates movement in all directions with its unique split leg support mechanism, which incidentally removes any pressure on the coccyx. It is a breakthrough in design, and will help to reform our sedentary society. This device creates the possibility that office & computer based work will not signal the demise of the healthy human being, something that the recent research is strongly suggesting.

Here is what Kunzler himself said recently about the evolution of the LimbIC chair;

“I started with the brain; can we make a device, not even necessarily a chair, that helps our bodies & follows our brains, thoughts and activities? At the outset it was called the wearable seat, a method of affecting our emotions, concentration & mental and physical states, but also to hold the body lightly and freely, like a mother holds her baby, allowing any safe movement or posture.

From that I started investigating how body and brain work together from the point of view that the spine is an extension of our brain and the body is an extension of the spine. It was time for an experiment: Could we make a chair that, just by the way it touches you, makes you do skiing movements? – and the answer was YES, and people also experienced sensations of flying, gliding, euphoria, JUST WHILST SITTING IN A STATIONARY CHAIR IN THE LAB AT M.I.T.

The next question was, which “state” is the most perfect, balanced, and free? We asked people & researched literature & mythology. The answer we came up with was a feeling of weightlessness, an enhanced sense of touch, motion, and self & optimal interaction and inspiration between body and mind. Things that people typically have to train for for years in meditation, yoga, etc., etc, we were able to do for you in seconds or minutes.

We investigated, experimented and built many prototypes, all of which are still at M.I.T. and which led towards a minimal seat just to hold the body, adding surfaces for emotional & cognitive effects, and creating medical benefits for the sedentary in the area of posture, discs, muscles, sense of balance, freedom, purpose, creativity, energy, movement, inspiration & empowerment.

WHILST ALL OTHER chairs start with sitting and how to improve that with cushioning, lumbar support, whole body movement while still sitting, etc., THERE IS NO GOOD POSTURE FOR SITTING, so they are starting with what’s unnatural, bad for us, pain, etc.

By starting with the brain and looking at the body as an extension of the mind, we started with what’s good for you, what you want and what creates magic in your life: leading to the possibility of a freer and fuller expression of who you are.”

Dr. Patrik Künzler, MS

written on a LimbIC® Chair


  1. Cecilie Anker on February 21, 2013 at 12:51 pm

    Hi Roger! I would like to buy a LImbic Chair!

    My hight is 173 cm
    Weight aprox 63 kg
    Lenght of legs, innside: 81,5 cm
    Width leg, tie 52 cm

    Personality: gullblather, impatient, Philosofer, don´t like to sit still. Right now I have a discus prolaps and very happy for your advices and mails.

    Do you need more?

    Best regards and regards to your wife! Cecilie Anker

    • goltenadmin on April 1, 2013 at 2:14 pm

      Hi Cecilie – What’s happening with you? Are you going to go ahead and order the chair? Delivery time is about 4 weeks from payment and receipt of your details

  2. Amy on August 28, 2014 at 9:03 pm

    How much is a limbic chair,
    i am studying for my A levels and sit at my desk for hours at a time

    • Roger Golten on October 3, 2017 at 1:35 pm

      Hi Amy I am so sorry
      I hardly ever look at these messages on my website.
      Call or text or email if you are still interested
      How did it go with the A levels???
      What are you doing now?
      Roger Golten

  3. Isabelle de Reyher DO on April 7, 2017 at 7:53 am

    I would like to meet you and try the Limbic Chair.

    • Roger Golten on October 3, 2017 at 1:23 pm

      Hi Isabelle sorry I haven’t been looking at my website messages. I can’t even see when you sent this message! If you still want to meet up please email or text me & I would be happy to talk to you. Apologies Roger

  4. Roger Golten on June 15, 2018 at 11:20 am

    testing the link…

  5. Roger Golten on June 15, 2018 at 11:21 am

    test message to check link to email

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