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I've greatly benefitted from treatment by Roger Golten, who makes sure that at least my body is sound! George Soros

My experience of Hellerwork with Roger Golten was quite amazing.  I had been suffering from headaches for some time and after the first session my head felt clear and I felt really good.  I have had a number of sessions with Roger and I believe he helped me to get rid of deep stress buried in my tissues I was not aware was there.. Diane Ware - Managing Director, Beyond Performance Ltd, Management Consultancy and Executive Coaching

It's made a huge difference, breathing has improved, I sit up straighter and I hardly ever need painkillers. The therapist Roger Golten was really kind.Shonda Warner - The Full Harvest Agricultural Opportunities Fund.

A quite remarkable working over.Nigel Summerley - Evening Standard

I have been surprised by the long lasting effect.
Ziad Altoura - Banker

After my first session I just went home laughing, I felt so wonderful.  I'd been incredibly stressed, but for three days after the session I felt like a normal human being again.
Ernst Weyhausen - Corporate Financier

I trust Roger completely.  He's very easy to talk to, open and down to earth.  He's young and funky and I think of him as a friend.  There's a fine line in the relationship between client and therapist but we walk the line quite comfortably.
Suki (Webster) Merton - Comedy Improvisation Actress & Producer

Working with Roger Golten (and Hellerwork) was one of the most influential "mind body soul" unification experiences that I have had to date.  His expert touch, in depth knowledge of anatomy and healing energy literally peeled away layers of tension, fatigue, stress and excess emotional baggage from my past.  Roger helped guide me to the present moment by enabling me to experience new bodily sensations in a safe nurturing environment.  I left each of his sessions feeling rooted, refreshed and peaceful.  I would recommend Roger (and Hellerwork) to anyone who is interested in bodywork, is on a journey of self exploration or simply needs to release residual tension from the body.  Give yourself the gift of visiting Roger and experience first hand the healing benefits of releasing and coming back to the present moment.
Gaby Ellert BA(Hons) Social Psychology - Yoga Alliance Instructor and Peak Performance Coach

Roger Golten didn't simply make do with hitting the spots, he nailed the lot of them!  Get ready to let mind and body be reacquainted through Roger's masterful, tireless, and enthusiastic work, and through that tactile breathing wisdom, attain a truly metaphysical transformation.
Dr Renos Savva
It took me a while to pluck up the courage to see Roger Golten.  I knew that the tension in my legs was deep but I had little confidence that massage would help.  Roger told me that he would treat my whole body because the problem seemed to be not just my legs.  It seems I was tighter than most people but I did not expect the transformation to be so fundamental.

I sing in the London Bach Choir and Hellerwork also transformed my voice.  It's more relaxed and flexible and I have more control over my diaphragm.  I was diagnosed dyslexic 15 years ago and talking to Roger has helped me to explore this problem too.
Tim Lewers Acoustic Consultant

I am an avid golfer and Hellerwork has helped me a great deal.  All of the usual aches and pains in my shoulders and back associated with golf are smoothed out during the Hellerwork treatments.  I also have improved my posture and maybe even my golf scores.
Clare Ludgate - Owner of a Hedge Fund Consulting Firm

With a demanding job and a difficult condition, ankylosing spondilitis, I've found Hellerwork has helped enormously to keep me fit and functioning throughout a very busy year.  I recommend it.
Judy Beard  - Director of Communications and Fundraising, Major UK Charity

Particularly good deep tissue treatment of upper body, chest, shoulders etc.  Released from tensions you didn't know you had. You float down the street after a treatment.
A London Based TV Director 

I initially started Hellerwork in order to:
access and release stored emotions from my body
enable me to heal old emotional wounds
make way for a higher octave of myself and to live more fully
clear out sabotage mechanisms in my life
prevent future illness through working through my blockages now
If the body is a library storing the emotions, thoughts and beliefs of our lives then Hellerwork is a way to clean out the redundant, painful and self sabotaging aspects of life memory housed in the body.  Working with Roger has helped me realign my body, moving through the misalignments acquired through bad habits.  It has allowed me to access and release old emotional patterning.  The space of trust and loving acceptance which he creates allows me to surrender to the process of healing and realignment at a very profound level.
Katherine Thome - Yogini and Investment Advisor

I had Hellerwork before in the USA from over half a dozen Hellerworkers and I first met Roger Golten in London in 1992.  My experience of Hellerwork was that I felt my body again and there was a tremendous release of tension and a feeling of well being.  I felt more flexible and better able to move physically.  I always felt like a new man right after a session of Hellerwork.  I always end up with more energy, and felt calmer mentally too.  I have benefited a lot from this work and am so glad that there is Hellerwork.  I would highly recommend trying a session and finding out for yourself.
Alex B from Hawaii

I was introduced to Hellerwork and Roger Golten by my husband.  I found that I felt so much more tranquil and rejuvenated after a session.  I was able to relax and let the tension in my body melt away which led to having a body that felt like a glove.  As a result of letting go during a session I was also able to be more aware of my body tension and posture during the normal course of the day.  This awareness led to my being able to notice and feel my body tension in stressful situations, and as a result, begin to relax and resume my proper posture, thus allowing me to feel and function better.  All you have to lose is your tension, I would highly recommend it for anyone.
Affi from California 

My experience with Roger Golten was life enhancing and took place at a very deep level.  It stimulated an experiential change in my perception and awareness of my own body, culminating in a more integrated sense of the total body pattern.   My flexibility and range of movement increased significantly, responding to the deep tissue massage.  This was particularly noticeable around my neck, shoulders and hips.  After each session I was left with an overall feeling of well being and lightness.  Roger is a very sensitive and caring individual who is committed and passionate about his work.
Jenny Ellert - F.R.C.R (Radiographer), Shaw Method Teacher and Alexander Technique teacher.

Roger Golten can do more for me in 30 minutes than anyone I have ever worked with could do in two hours.
Kavida Rei - Masseuse, Tantric Yogini,

As a result of a violent mugging more than 12 years ago I developed a wide range of structural problems and a great deal of associated pain - primarily in my knees, spine and face.  Since that time I experienced a wide variety of therapies with varying degrees of success before embarking on a series of Hellerwork sessions with Roger Golten.  It has proved to be the most effective thing I have tried and as a result of these sessions i have felt a vast improvement in my overall condition with noticeable benefit being obtained from each visit.
Due to the nature of the problems the process has been difficult for me at times but I have always felt safe having Roger as my practitioner and he has given me the support I have needed with whatever has arisen.  The pain I have suffered with these years is almost entirely gone and I have confidence that a complete recovery is only a matter of time -  something I would not have thought possible prior to treatment.
The benefits I have received from the sessions have not been limited to just physical.  As a result I have become more confident, more grounded and more present and this has enabled me to be more effective in my work as an acupuncturist.  Hellerwork with Roger Golten has allowed me to finally start to move on with my life once more.  I would have no hesitation in recommending him
J.C. - Acupuncturist

As the owner of a scientifically based health practice, I am aware of many musculo-skeletal techniques for injury rehabilitation, postural management and enhanced human movement.  I and my team have found Roger's Hellerwork innovative by its approach and one of the best techniques available.
Pete Williams - Founder of the Exclusive Health Dept. London

Many years ago following a serious illness which left me physically impaired and in pain I met Roger Golten and decided to take a course of Hellerwork treatment with him.  After only a few sessions the physical improvement in my body was amazing and by the time the course had completed I looked and felt like a different person.  Working with Roger provided the foundation for my continuing physical improvement and I remain deeply grateful for his skill and dedication.
Guru Ram Kaur

I discovered Hellerwork after a road traffic accident left one of my shoulder blades broken in three places.  My career as a professional cellist hung by a thread, and conventional opinion was advising that I couldn't expect more than a return to basic functionality.  After the Hellerwork series with Roger Golten not only have I  been able to return to full-time teaching, but I am performing again and was recently awarded an Associateship of the Royal Academy in recognition of my work within the profession.
Charles Ellis - Editor of 'Cello Notes', the official magazine of Cello Club Great Britain

As an old nurse my back has taken me on a magical mystery tour of alternative health which has included chiropractors, osteopaths, homeopaths, nutritionists, kinesiologists, physiotherapists, pilates, yoga instructors, and 11 sessions with Roger.  Hellerwork has helped me the most.  Not just in simple symptom relief  (though there is no finer bodywork system) but in the process of developing a relationship with my poor, abused and ignored body.  Since completing the series with Roger I have enjoyed happy good health, and a two way communication with my lumbar spine, which in a friendly way reminds me when I need to pay it some more attention.  I couldn't recommend and therapy more highly nor any practitioner more wholeheartedly.
Ros Prichard

I just wanted to put pen to paper and say a massive thank you for all your hard work and dedication to putting my body to rights and for helping me to continue to do my own therapeutic work.  From one Therapist to another, I have to tell you YOU are the BEST.  From a body wracked with pain, you managed, God knows how, to realign me and get me to enjoy life again.  Your deep work hurt, but I assure you it was a "good" pain and I always left you feeling great.  I would not be here, retired in Spain today if it was not for all your wonderful work.  I miss you sorely, but what you did has held me in good stead.  THANK YOU again, from the bottom of my heart.  I only wish that others were reading this, because if they were I would say truthfully, "Trust me, Roger IS the BEST and I thank God for finding Hellerwork....
Margarita Brett 

I tried osteopathy and massage; nothing seemed to take my back pain away, until Roger Golten’s therapy cured it in one session. And I even felt taller afterwards! I would definitely recommend the Heller Technique to anyone who suffers from back-ache.
Mandy Rice-Davies

It’s been amazing, although it can be painful; it’s a pleasant pain you know as it’s doing you good. Roger has even worked with my throat to help me realise my voice on stage.  Hellerwork has made me aware of what needs to be done, and you start to realise how your body should feel when it’s functioning properly, which is wonderful!
Anna Chancellor

Having been in two awful car accidents, I find I get a stiff neck from time to time.  The muscles tighten up so much that I get pains in my head.  When you are in pain, the last thing  you want to hear is that it is going to take months of sessions to fix.  Roger is very caring and fixed me in a few sessions.  Since I felt I got a good return on my investment, I am more likely to return to have regular sessions as a preventative measure.
S. Webster, 1st Choice Property London

The other day I was heading into the West End on the tube while reading a book and cradling a hot coffee. Nothing unusual in that you might think, and that was my opinion too until I noticed something unusual: I was sitting upright on the seat. Not slouching or leaning or collapsing into it like everyone around me. Even more remarkably I felt quite comfortable in doing so.
This was all down to Roger Golten... or Doctor Posture as he styles himself.
Posture was never my strong point. As an unusually tall youngster I was constantly dipping my head to converse with smaller friends and spent many a long school lesson working at some woefully undersized desk. As if that wasn’t bad enough I then took up the electric guitar - the perfect musical instrument for those who wish to cultivate a stoop. What’s more, like a lot of us these days, I pursue a largely sedentary profession. So an appointment with Doctor Posture was long overdue.

When Roger describes his technique as ‘extraordinarily deep massage’, he’s not kidding. At times he seemed to be tugging at my skeleton. But the results were dramatic: particularly the time he seemed to loosen the bellows of my chest, causing my speaking voice to double in volume. In another memorable session, he concentrated the massage on my left leg and then asked me to stand. The newly-massaged left leg felt alive and dynamic; the neglected right leg felt like a post.

After every session I had this fantastic feeling of ‘integration’. Movement was a pleasure and when standing still my whole body felt poised like a cat. And while I don’t always maintain good posture, I now feel that it’s never far away and that I can find a route back to it easily and quickly. This is all thanks to Roger’s patient, probing work. It’s also testament to his dedication to improving the condition of these sometimes faltering but still magnificent machines that we all should feel grateful to inhabit.

If you’re someone who feels uncomfortable within your body, or you aren’t sure what good posture is, or you’d like to learn how to sit, stand and move with more elegance and freedom, don’t just stand there stooping. Book a session with Doctor Posture and get yourself straightened out.

You’d be putting your body in very good hands.

Brendan Staunton - Copywriter.

After a consultation with Roger Golten my body felt like it had lost several decades of aches and pains. Roger used an incredibly effective deep tissue massage technique & he educated me on how to use my body better in order to maintain the effect of the treatment. So now whether I am sitting or standing at work, walking, cycling or swimming, I can always find a more effortless way to maintain good posture, increase my effectiveness and reduce fatigue and stress.
Roger is a warm, friendly & experienced professional that I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone who wants to get more out of their body, deal with aches & pains or feel 10 years younger!
Liz Emtage - Ceramicist.

Roger is passionate about the unique service he provides. You will feel relaxed, lighter, more flexible and find it easier to focus after his treatments. He takes away your everyday stresses and you feel good! When I left his practice after my second session my feet didn't touch the ground! I am looking forward to doing more and would highly recommend his service to anyone who wants to look after themself.

Harry Kafetzidis - Harley St Dentist.

Last week I had my third Hellerwork session with Roger Golten. During the massage he spent a lot of time working around my ribs, and afterwards explained to me how to breathe using a lateral expansion of the ribcage, a concept I'd never before encountered. The next evening I had a gig. On stage I thought to myself, I'm going to try tis lateral breating technique, just to see what happens. I did, and out came a voice that I had never heard before! All of a sudden I had a power and control that had eluded me for years. At the weekend I joined in a jam session and carried on singing songs with ease that I'd previously found challenging, and was complimented highly on my new voice! Roger did more for me in one session than my singing teacher managed over a six month period. I strongly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve his or her vocal technique.

Angie Boothroyd - jeweller & musician


More About Roger

Roger Golten trained first with Joseph Heller (Body of Knowledge Inc.) in 1983 and Steven Shaw (Art of Swimming Ltd) in 1996. Now he is known as Doctor Posture, Hellerwork Practitioner, Zen Swimming Master, and author of The Owners Guide to the Body.

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