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Mastering Dog Style Position

If you are looking for the best deep tissue massage London has to offer, we can offer you something much better than standard deep tissue massage. Roger Golten trained first with Joseph Heller (Body of Knowledge Inc) in 1983 and Steven Shaw (Art of Swimming Ltd) in 1996. With a background in dance & sports, he has integrated his knowledge & experience to be able to make a lasting difference in Structure, Function and attitude with his clients using a powerful programme which combines manipulation of the soft tissues, coaching in movement and teaching the principles underlying good use of the body. His book The Owners Guide to the Body was published in 1999 and he has a B.A. (Hons) in Economics, History & Politics from Keele University.

Hellerwork is a short, intensive, and systematic course of one-to-one treatment that transforms your relationship with your body and your experience of being alive.

The treatment is educational as well as therapeutic because it combines the deep connective tissue bodywork with coaching on how to sit, stand, walk and breathe with more effortless ease, and it relates and integrates the body and the mind, so you get the keys back to your vehicle!

Many people experience their bodies as a collection of parts and symptoms. Hellerwork gives you the wonderful experience of being all joined up again. Wheels tracked and balanced, SatNav & power steering on!

If you find regular or even so called "deep tissue" massage irritatingly superficial then I am your man!! In 2013 I will be celebrating 30 years of continuous full-time practice in Central London. You can benefit from this and experience the finest deep tisse massage in London by booking a session with me. You will then find out why so many people have endorsed my work (see endorsements) and written about me (see articles).

Roger's book The Owners Guide To The Body is a great place to start incorporating everything Roger teaches. Roger's background and experience mark him out as an inspiring & motivational teacher, and that's why he is Doctor Posture!

Get your body up to date with your brilliant mind!

Hellerwork Program

Releasing Rigidity

Educational & Therapeutic Treatment

The Hellerwork program is designed to recondition the body after it has gone through the misaligning and ageing processes. This requires releasing the rigidity from the connective tissue and changing the physical, mental and emotional patterns that caused the tissue to become rigid in the first place.

Hellerwork differs from other programmes such as Rolfing by its emphasis on movement education and verbal dialogue to bring about long term release and postural improvement
The full Hellerwork program consists of eleven 60 minute sessions, each of which concentrates on a different part of the body. All except the final session incorporate:
  • Bodywork
  • Movement Education
  • Verbal Dialogue


Each session includes deep connective tissue bodywork, where the practitioner uses his or her hands, knuckles, forearms and elbows to "stretch" the fascial tissues back to their normal positions and facilitate an effortless improvement in posture

Movement Education

The movement education aspect of the session generates awareness of body movement patterns and facilitates discovery of more effortless ways of moving in an aligned way more of the time. This is a process that continues over time because of the way habits have often become ingrained.

Verbal Dialogue

The verbal dialogue component focuses on allowing the client to become aware of the relationship between his or her attitudes and emotions and what sort of impact they have on the body.
Emphasis is on clients taking responsibility for their attitudes so that these attitudes no longer affect the body adversely.

Self Awareness

At the end of a Hellerwork program there should be an effortless improvement in posture and clients will have learned to listen to their own bodies and be experts on their own body's needs and wants.
Self- responsibility is emphasised. The educational aspect of the programme gives the client the knowledge to ensure that their new found state of balance continues and improves in the future.
After the complete treatment, clients will be more fully aware of physical, mental and emotional inputs and how they can create change in their bodies.
The process of ageing and deterioration now becomes more optional and a matter of personal choice.

Finding Freedom

Roger releasing tensions in the shoulder area

The release of old tensions and the new focus on economy of effort free the client to expand more energy in more constructive and creative ways.

Hellerworkers initially show the client how he or she has unconsciously created a tension ridden body and ease release from this. It is then up to the individual to incorporate the ideals into his or her lifestyle.
In this, Hellerwork is a truly holistic programme.
It should always be remembered, that Hellerwork is not designed to treat any specific ills.
Rather, it is designed to establish and maintain the body in a state of optimal health - a state that can stop many health problems occurring in the first place.
Prevention is the key

The Core Of Hellerwork

Hellerwork sees the human body as being divided into:
  • The "Sleeve" - this consists of the body's superficial muscles and connective tissue.
  • The "Core" - the body's deeper muscles and connective tissues
  • Sessions 1-3 - the "superficial" sessions of the programme, concentrate on the body's "sleeve". They deal with the issues of infancy and childhood: breathing, standing up and reaching out.
  • Sessions 4-7 - the "core" sessions of the programme - probe beyond the sleeve. Core muscles tend to be under-used, tight and immobile: they are called the "intrinsic" muscles as they control our underlying structure. Harmonising these muscles produces more graceful movement. Core issues are those associated with adolescence control and surrender, gut feelings, holding back or expressing feelings and the balance between reason and passion.
  • The integrative sessions - bring together the superficial and core sessions and align the unique patterns of an individual client's body. Developmental issues associated with the sessions centre on maturity, masculine and feminine styles and values, as well as integration and coming out into the world.

Body Balancing

Hellerwork structural integration

The Eleven Hellerwork Sessions

Session 1 Concentrates on the body parts - the ribcage, arms, shoulders and hips - associated with expanding the chest to breathe deeply and freely and aligns the ribcage over the pelvis.
Session 2 Centres on the feet and legs; aligning the joints and making sure that the body's weight is distributed over the feet's arches.
Session 3 Aligns the sides of the upper body by releasing tension in the shoulders, arms and sides.
Session 4 Concentrates on the inside leg muscles and the pelvis floor.
Session 5 Brings the pelvis into a more horizontal position that supports the "guts" more effectively.
Session 6 Focuses on the spine and the whole of the back, balancing the work of the previous session.
Session 7 Works to release tension in the head, face and neck and align the head over the torso.
Session 8 Facilitates movement and balances muscles in the lower body - the legs, feet, hips and pelvis.
Session 9 Facilitates movement and balances muscles in the upper part of the body - the arms, shoulders, ribcage and neck.
Session 10 Works on the major joints to produce overall balance of the body.
Session 11 This is different from the other 11 sessions. In this session the treatment is completed by a process of acknowledgement and a review of results obtained, with the client asking any questions they might have. Learning how to take the results out into daily life is emphasised, together with continuous progress by more conscious use of the body.


If you are looking for something more than just a deep tissue massage in London, you can book a session in Central London, Kings Langley, Herts, or Virginia Water, Surrey.

More About Roger

Roger Golten trained first with Joseph Heller (Body of Knowledge Inc.) in 1983 and Steven Shaw (Art of Swimming Ltd) in 1996. Now he is known as Doctor Posture, Hellerwork Practitioner, Zen Swimming Master, and author of The Owners Guide to the Body.

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