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Hellerwork Training

Are you interested in becoming a Hellerwork Practitioner?

Roger Golten, the most experienced Hellerwork practitioner in Europe, and qualified Hellerwork Mentor actively seeks committed individuals to train to become Hellerwork practitioners.  Register your interest via the Contact Us page.  Training includes one-to-one UK based clinical practice and follows a standard 1,250 hours curriculum which is offered in different formats:

Residential Training –  This format involves two or three residential stages totalling about 12 weeks, interspersed with periods of independent home study and supervision over a period of about a year.  A European based training of this type is projected for 2012

Non-Residential Training – “Available in several locations in the USA, this training format includes two or three intensive week long non-residential stages along with monthly weekends, follow-up evenings and independent home study and supervision over a period of about a year.”

Mentor-based Training – This training format uses Hellerwork Mentors, about 15 of whom have now qualified.  Each can support one or two students at any one time through the practical and home study phases of a Hellerwork Training using Mentors which lasts about 18 months and includes three 17 day intensives interspersed by three 6 month periods of clinical work, independent home study and supervision.  Practical work is done in the Mentor’s practice.

Practitioner Training Programme
A Word from Joseph Heller

I believe that you will find the Hellerwork Practitioner Training Programme to be a unique and challenging educational experience.  When the whole body and the whole being are included in the educational process, the rate and depth at which learning can occur is truly staggering.  Based on my knowledge of understanding of the human body in learning, I have put together a psychosomatic training programme which includes innovative and accelerated learning methods and it incorporates mind, body and spirit.
We have developed an intense and personal learning experience which embodies the principles of Hellerwork and deals with all aspects of the student.  Not only will you learn the technical skills necessary to perform Hellerwork, you will also learn the people skills needed to build rapport with your clients and become successful in your practice.
Students are encouraged to relate their work to their own process of growth and self-exploration.  All this is accomplished in an atmosphere of acceptance, play and compassion.  Your training is the beginning of a most satisfying and fulfilling career as a Hellerwork Practitioner.  It allows you to serve people directly, to develop your independence, and to expand your knowledge and awareness.  I welcome you to this exciting opportunity.

Philosophy of Hellerwork Education

Learning can be the most natural, easy, and fun thing that we do.  In nature, the young of every species learn all they need to know about life simply by playing.  We are born with a passion for learning.
Learning is a two way street. One way is called education.  This comes from the Latin verb ‘educare’ which means, “To draw out of “.  This refers to knowledge that we already possess, incorporated through generations in the storehouse of intelligence that is our body.  Our physical structure is a body of knowledge which we can access by using our bodies mindfully.
The other avenue for learning is called information.  This refers to new data that is being added to new structures of knowledge that are in formation, i.e. In the process of being formed.  Learning happens most effectively and easily when it includes the whole body, not just the head, and when it involves the whole person and not just the intellect.
Our teachers are catalysts who allow students to get in touch with their innate knowledge in a safe environment.  They create a meaningful framework for the addition of new information.  Learning is an intensely personal process and an integral part of our growth.  The continued exploration of the body, in greater and greater depth, illuminates and brings into focus the awareness of one’s self.


The Hellerwork Training focuses on five main areas of instruction: bodywork, movement education, psychology, anatomy and business studies.  A certificate is awarded upon successful completion of 1250 hour course and required clinical experience.
Course  Hours Description
Bodywork 499 Principles of Structural Bodywork; Techniques of Structural Bodywork; Hellerwork Practicum
Movement 192 Human Evolution and Gravity; Introduction to Human Movement; Body Awareness and Movement Lab; Movement Practicum; Communicating Movement Lessons; Ergonomics
Psychology 224 Introduction to Psychological Inquiry; Movement of Psychology; Fundamentals of Dialogue; intra/Interpersonal Communication
Anatomy  168 Introduction to Body Systems; Structural and Functional Assessment; Myofascial Anatomy; Applied Human Anatomy/Physiology; Gross Anatomy Lab (where available)
Business 177 Introduction to Marketing; Practice Development 1 & 2; Business Standards and Practices
Total Hours 1250

Hellerwork in the Future

“My vision for the future of Hellerwork is to promote Hellerwork’s continued growth as a respected profession in the field of health.  I envision increasing numbers of Hellerwork practitioners working side by side with doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, etc, helping people achieve optimum health and fitness in private practices as well as in clinics, health centres and hospitals.
In the future I see Hellerwork at the forefront of a new discipline of Psychophysical Integration helping us to reintroduce the body’s wisdom back into our culture.  This new discipline will have far reaching consequences in the fields of fitness and performance.  It will change our concept of ageing and what to expect from our bodies and our lives as we grow older.  It will impact our views of education and the design of training procedures.  It will influence ergonomic design and the quality of our work environment.  And most importantly it will make us aware of our personal ecology and lead us to deal most effectively with our planet’s ecology.
Hellerwork will be playing an integral role in our future.  I invite and encourage you to join us. Joseph Heller

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More About Roger

Roger Golten trained first with Joseph Heller (Body of Knowledge Inc.) in 1983 and Steven Shaw (Art of Swimming Ltd) in 1996. Now he is known as Doctor Posture, Hellerwork Practitioner, Zen Swimming Master, and author of The Owners Guide to the Body.

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