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Roger Golten - Hellerwork London Massage Therapy

Roger Golten's - Hellerwork Practice

The Finest System of Deep Tissue Massage

Are you looking for the most effective massage therapy London has to offer? London massage therapy pioneer Roger Golten offers a revolutionary form of deep tissue massage in London called Hellerwork, a powerful alternative to traditional massage therapy.

Hellerwork Structural Integration is a systematic deep tissue bodywork programme of manipulation of the muscles and surrounding tissue (myo-fascia) which was developed by Joseph Heller in the USA in the 1970's. Hellerwork realigns and rebalances the body, producing a more relaxed, upright and "gravidynamic" state by reducing chronic tension, and managing the way you deal with current and future stress. Along with the bodywork, there is a strong educational and awareness element that maintains, integrates, improves and prolongs the results produced.

Deep Tissue MassageThe central premise of Hellerwork is that a structurally misaligned body experiences gravity as stressful and movement and flexibility are limited, causing energy loss, ageing, wear and tear and deterioration. A body in a more harmonious vertical alignment with gravity is flexible, moves more easily and experiences it as a supportive force. Clients learn to work with, rather than fight against gravity. Hellerwork is a uniquely powerful way of improving your posture and use of your body, and the best London massage therapy available.

Roger Golten – Doctor Posture – is one of the leading exponents of Hellerwork, the most effective massage therapy London can offer, and a pioneer of the technique in the U.K. and Europe since training with founder Joseph Heller in 1983. He has a client list that includes musicians, business people, actors and politicians as well as many other folk from all walks of life. Roger estimates that since he started practicing Hellerwork massage therapy in London in 1983, he has treated over 2500 people and completed more than 28,000 hours of treatments.

Powerful Bodywork Method

Doctor Posture is committed to making a more or less permanent difference with client's postural improvement. Nothing lasts forever, but through the unique combination of the educational and movement elements with the powerful bodywork method, change is accelerated and outstanding results achieved which last not hours or days or even months, but years!

If you are irritated by regular or even so-called "deep tissue" massage, then Hellerwork with Doctor Posture could be for you! Roger works slowly on a low, wide table using his knuckles, elbow & forearms – it's really nothing like a massage!

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More About Roger

Roger Golten trained first with Joseph Heller (Body of Knowledge Inc.) in 1983 and Steven Shaw (Art of Swimming Ltd) in 1996. Now he is known as Doctor Posture, Hellerwork Practitioner, Zen Swimming Master, and author of The Owners Guide to the Body.

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