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The Mobiliser

Have you got 15 minutes? That’s all it takes for a turn on The Mobiliser, a great device to unlock stiff backs and get things moving again. Doctor Posture recommends the mobiliser as a stand-alone treatment, or  before or after Hellerwork sessions. It’s a mat that you lie on which has two electrically operated rollers that…

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The LimbIC Chair

The game changer chair The common wisdom is that there is a “perfect” posture that we can somehow achieve and stay in all day. This is not the case. Life is movement for human beings, and movement is life. We do not have roots, we have legs. Doctor Posture is the UK distributor of the…

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Magic Toothbrush

The Magic Toothbrush This manual toothbrush is a revolutionary natural alternative health product, invented in Japan. Studies there & in the U.S.A. have shown a significant reduction of bacteria and decrease in plaque in the mouth after use. No Toothpaste is required. How Does It Work? Plaque is difficult to remove because it has a…

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 I have tried many products over the years in my Hellerwork practice both to protect my own hands and as a medium for bodywork, I was always looking for economic crèmes and moisturisers without chemicals which were neither too slippery nor too sticky. After more than 30 years of full-time bodywork seeing up to 30…

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Swimming Goggles

I highly commend and recommend this swim mask. Just wearing this mask alone can improve your swimming! It comes with a case which will protect it and keep it safe when not in use.  “Seal” is the original swimming mask from AquaSphere. Fits most adults who have a “bridge” to their noses. Currently shipping Seal…

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