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Article in Stella Magazine

A  colour supplement with The Sunday Telegraph, Stella Magazine is edited by Anna Murphy, who approached me last August with a view to getting a session and doing a short write-up. After that first session I suggested she did a whole course of Hellerwork in return for a bigger feature! She agreed  & we completed 10 sessions at the end of last year. Then in January we did an interview, they sent Alice Whitby to do the photo, and it was published on Easter Sunday as the first of a new series entitled “The Alternative” with the tag line ‘Meet the people at the cutting edge of complementary health’

In her editorial Anna says The Alternative ‘ introduces you to the complementary practitioners we can personally vouch for.’ This is certainly true in my case, as over a course of 10 sessions no stone is left unturned! I think the article has been very well done because although Anna doesn’t go into particular detail about her personal process, she nevertheless conveys a great impression of the quality and value of the work, and has included some choice quotes! See what you think….Stella front cover     S.T Stella Mag 310313     from the Editor


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