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Would you like to swim with more ease, efficiency and effortlessness?

Doctor Posture applies the principles of Hellerwork & The Alexander Technique in the water to generate Alexander Popov’s 3 R’s of swimming: rhythm, relaxation and range of movement. This is Zen swimming, a practice which can transform your relationship with your body and your experience of moving through the water. Water becomes the teacher, supporting you in relaxing, slowing down a little and finding that elusive ‘feel’ which all accomplished swimmers have.

The Zen Swimming principles integrate the whole person in their swimming, bringing a rare harmony and a meditative quality to the experience of being in the water. Swimming then becomes an opportunity to work on yourself and your psychophysical unity in a lifelong learning experience. Zen in the Art of Swimming!

Doctor Posture’s swimming lessons are a great way for adults to go from non-swimming, or poor or average swimming, to excellent swimming in an enjoyable and creative way.

Doctor Posture- the man with the goggles!

Roger’s Products

  • Have you got 15 minutes? Have you got 15 minutes?
    That’s all it takes for a turn on The Mobiliser, a great device
  • The LimbIC Chair The LimbIC Chair
    The game changer chair The common wisdom is that there is a “perfect”
  • Magic Toothbrush Magic Toothbrush
    The Magic Toothbrush This manual toothbrush is a revolutionary natural alternative health product,
  • Aquabalm Aquabalm
     I have tried many products over the years in my Hellerwork practice both

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The Owner's Guide to the Body

The Owner’s Guide to the Body is an informative and delightfully easy read authored by the UK’s leading Hellerwork practitioner. Mr. Golten addresses all of the most frequently overlooked fundamentals of living: breathing, standing up, sitting down, and, my personal favorite, squatting. See The Book

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