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 I have tried many products over the years in my Hellerwork practice both to protect my own hands and as a medium for bodywork, I was always looking for economic crèmes and moisturisers without chemicals which were neither too slippery nor too sticky.

After 25 years of full-time bodywork seeing up to 30 people a week my hands were hardening and callouses developing on knuckles and fingertips. I started using Aquabalm myself for various topical ailments and general moisturising. After just a few days of using small amounts of Aquabalm on my hands I already noticed a significant difference.  My finger sensitivity improved dramatically! 5 years later Aquabalm has had has a lasting effect. Even after handwashing the skin is still moist and softer. I am a big fan of it.

Clients have reported relief from eczema, age spots, sun damage, athlete’s foot, itching, warts, dry skin. I use it after shaving with great results

Try it and see! There are limited remaining stocks. £10.00 plus post for a 15g bottle.

The Science Behind Aquabalm


Iceland’s best-kept healthy skin secret

Deep Acting Enzymes from the Arctic Ocean

Aquabalm is a ‘Cell Rejuvenation’ product, a specialist product category to focus on skin conditions such as itchy skin, pimples, blemishes, after sun, insect bites and other skin discomforts i.e. psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis – as well as everyday moisturising purposes. The active ingredient of Aquabalm has many well documented uses the most impressive of which are as a top quality wrinkle elasticiser, stretch mark softener, and an impressive anti-ageing balm.

Aquabalm is a skin care product based on many years of biochemical research at the University of Iceland led by Professor Jón Bragi Bjarnason on the behaviour of enzymes and how cold-active marine proteases (the function of cleaving the peptide bonds of proteins) assist in speeding-up the removal of extracellular pathological proteins, pro-inflammatory factors and trapped damaged proteins in our bodies.
Deep-water fish from Arctic regions digest their food in an environment of very low temperatures; their digestive system is equipped with super efficient enzymes. When this enzyme, called Trypsin, also naturally found in the human body, is applied to the skin, the healing process is speeded up.

Why is Aquabalm different from other skin care products ?

The active ingredient of Aquabalm the marine enzyme trypsin, is named Penzyme®, which is patented and refers to ‘penetrating enzyme’. This is a marine enzyme unique to Aquabalm and no other skin care product contains it.
Aquabalm is an all-natural product

It is well known that Aloe Vera is a good source of plant enzymes that work beneficially on the skin. The highly purified enzymes derived from the Arctic codfish in Aquabalm are many times more active than plant enzymes and therefore even more effective. Both Aquabalm Gel and Spray are water based and allergy free, they contain no fats, oils or preservatives. Aquabalm is unique and has a wide variety of applications. Many users have written spontaneous testimonials about how Aquabalm has benefited them. 20% of all Icelanders are said to regularly buy Aquabalm, and some even use it as a sexual lubricant!

How does Aquabalm actually work ?

Aquabalm has a direct effect on microorganisms: not only does it remove the membrane proteins of bacteria, but also toxins are naturally neutralised by the Penzyme active ingredient. Aquabalm selects damaged cells in a beneficial way, and speeds up the normal cellular repair processes. Body cells are made of protein, elements of amino-acids and peptides, these are the basic building blocks of all life;  Aquabalm cleaves the protein from the cell wall of a damaged cell, which in turn signals to the white blood corpuscles to bring about the repair process.

Why was this product developed ?

The Icelandic Government requested the University of Iceland to carry out research to help fishermen treat hand injuries sustained in freezing conditions.  Aquabalm was developed from research associated with wound-healing using proteolytic (super-active) enzymes. Penzyme was by far the most active proteolytic enzyme available because of its ability to cleave pathologically associated cellular proteins. In simple terms this means that Penzyme speeds the biochemical healing process, naturally. From this discovery, development of large scale Penzyme protein purification was established, and research on the active enzyme took place with trials on human volunteers (animals have never been used in the development of Aquabalm ).

What are Enzymes ?

Enzymes are essential for the normal functioning and development of the body.They are ubiquitous proteins (existing in all places at the same time) with specific catalytic roles within the body. Enzymes act as biocatalysts, meaning that they increase the speed of reaction in the body.

How is one product able to be effective on many different conditions ?

A convincing clinical study from Malta University demonstrates the efficacy of  Aquabalm on elderly patients with bedsores.  Aquabalm is also beneficial for arthritic pain and has verified success with wound healing, 1st degree burns and sunburn.  Aquabalm reduces skin inflammation and it is also effective on treating muscular, tendon and ligament pain. Conditions such as fibromyalgia, tendonitis, lymphagitis and athletic injuries respond well to Aquabalm and it is extremely effective in helping muscle to recover after exertion. There are minute quantities of Trypsin naturally occurring in muscle that assist in the removal of muscle waste products; when Aquabalm is applied, this recovery is accelerated.

Why is Aquabalm a cosmetic product and not a medical product ?

EU legislation recognises Aquabalm as a cosmetic, though it has been demonstrated that the product has many exceptional remedial properties. Users of expensive fashionable moisturising/anti-oxidant/anti-aging Day or Night creams and lotions will find that Aquabalm performs the same functions at a fraction of the price and that regular use will improve the feel and look of their skin.

Marine enzymes in cosmeceuticals herald a new era of body care. No harm can come from using  Aquabalm on many body conditions. It may safely be used on children and babies, no adverse effects have been reported after several years of use in Iceland and France. I have even used it as a spray on a sore throat with great success!


£10 plus post. Contact me about multiple orders as post will be less per unit.

Limited Stocks of Penzim Liquid have become available
A 15g Atomiser bottle for £10 plus postage
Penzim is identical to Aquabalm

4 Comments to “Aquabalm”

  1. Lynn Mundinger, 2200 West 51st Street. Mission Woods, Kansas.66205 USA.. Found you on Facebook… I would really like to order this product… Thank you. Lynn

  2. Please let me know when AQUABALM products becom available.
    Thank you

    • Aquabalm/Penzim stocks have just arrived. I only have the 15g Penzim Gel atomiser bottles. They are £10 each plus postage. Let me know if you are still interested. Regards Roger Golten

  3. Sorry to say that worldwide inventories of Aquabalm ran out some time ago. What has just become available as of December 2015 are a few boxes of the old Penzim Liquid Spray bottles in the 15g size which have come to light in the corner of a warehouse. I am selling these for only £10 plus post & packing.

    Further manufacture of Aquabalm requires negotiation with the owners of the patent on the active ingredient, & they are currently stalled with no immediate prospect of resolution

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